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Event Security and EMS Professionals


Work with us to develop your health and safety plan.


Bring FLOW in to train and educate your team.


Hire our expert team to serve your event.

We are different

We practice:

  • De-escalation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Event professional mindset
  • Inclusivity

  • Collaboration
  • Flexibility
  • Nuanced approach
  • Experiential¬†learning

Years Established

Events Served

Our Vision

We do our work in world where people gather with clear intention of keeping each other safe. We are honored to facilitate these spaces. We are rooted in our commitment to positive and collaborative experiences.

Lets Chat:

(828) 771-6974

Let’s Protect Your Event Together

We are health and safety advocates who are invested in the longevity and success of your event. 

Value: Collaboration

We are pretty lucky to be able to say that we “choose our clients”. This means we are able to work with events that are in line with our values and want to work with us to create a better future for the industry. We COLLABORATE

Value: Accountability

We’ve noticed over the years that many events are wrought with chaos and people who feel over utilized and under appreciated. This is where holding each other accountable for best practices, SOPs, and a supportive team environment become very important. We are ACCOUNTABLE

Value: Approachability

Most of our event partners seek out our services because they are looking for an alternative. An alternative to relying solely on law enforcement and county officials to be responsible for the safety of their patrons. We are the safety blanket that you get to tailor to you event culture. We are APPROACHABLE

Value: Service Midset

FLOW grew out of a community of event professions in the southeast who saw a need and stepped up to the plate. We have grown alongside the event industry for the past decade, and feel a responsibility to continue sharing what we’ve learned with the people. We have a SERVICE MINDSET.

Value: Continuous Learning

There really is no end to learning when it comes to event management and execution. We know this as well as anyone, which is why we help our clients grow and improve the safety of their event from year to year. We practice CONTINUOUS LEARNING.

Our Event Partners Are Saying:

“They handle ALL situations thrown at them with complete professionalism and empathy, something that’s unlike ANY other security/ medical services for hire business I’ve ever come in to contact with…”

Sally Smith

Afterburn, FL

“They never fail to flawlessly understand an event’s needs and policies and integrate into it to provide complete support. FLOW is so good at what they do that they (become) part of the event and make attendees trust them completely…”

Ben Bjostad

Board President, Burnt Oranges

“Totally eased my anxiety about hosting an event. They showed initiative and knew what needed to be done and how to handle situations and people. Top notch crew can not wait to work with them again…”

Jennifer Boyer

Event Organizer

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